Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is a key functional area in every organization today and drives the workforce dynamics. An effective management of the workforce paves way for a successful organization. Amanrow HRMS module is considered as the convergence between organizational processes and information technology. Employees are assets in an organization that need to be carefully nurtured, accommodated and developed.

Amanrow HRMS module in ItegrityPro has been designed keeping in mind all the latest requirement of successful functioning of an organization. On a high level we help to streamline the management of human resources and human capitals. Amanrow HRMS module is classified into four main sections namely Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. HRMS module in ItegrityPro routinely maintains complete information in employee database including contact, salary details, leave approval, performance reviews and career progression. ItegrityPro solution offers many different sub-modules under the HR module and designed in a way to reduce the manual efforts and lower costs by presenting self-service applications.

Our HRMS module includes

  • Payroll and Attendance system:
    We have a fully integrated system to take care of Visa Process, Visa Application entry, Visa Register, Employee Document, Employee Service Record, Employee, Promotion, Family Document, Service Discontinuation, Appraisal, CTC Setting, Reimbursement, Shift Allocations, Duty Roster, Leave Application, Job Handover, Clearance Certificate, Leave Settlement etc. all this and more can be done seamlessly through our application. At the same time employer can compute Employee Allowance, Employee Loan, Salary Advance, Salary Adjustment, Other Deduction, Overtime, Daily Timesheet, other onboarding criteria under this module. Employees can easily upload important documents, request for leave, loans etc. This manages payroll and reduces lots of paperwork. Our system also links with attendance system to capture working duration of each employee.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding:
    Each organization has a different process for onboarding and our system perfectly fits the same. Right from profiling of the candidate to visa processing everything is captured.
  • Training:
    Employees and workforce can be notified about the upcoming training programs and events.
  • Performance Reviews:
    At the end of each year which can be customized as per the calendar year an organization follows, employer can have downloadable forms to assess the employee and accordingly review her/his performance. Similarly employee themselves can leave feedback and rank themselves in the form available online in the system. This again reduces lots of time and paperwork.
  • HR Analytics:
    Providing you canned reports and dashboards to keep you and your management updated in all areas within the workforce. These reports can be customised and gives you an insight at a granular level.

A critical factor about a HR management module is that it has to be flexible to company’s specific requirements as well as to constantly evolving HR requirements. It should cover all the functions essential in business practices and be optimized as per your business processes and organization’s needs. Our system supports the organization’s international needs with country specific versions of the HR modules.

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