Amanrow Inventory Module is designed to cater to the growing items in your inventory. Every Business has a process to procure, store and stock in warehouse and finally sell them to generate revenue. A proper method has to be followed to keep track of the inventory and we help you do that.

For a smooth and uninterrupted functioning of any production department it is critical to keep a check on the inventory level. If the production department functions well then it improves the overall working of inter-related departments.

By using our Inventory Management module user will be able to store all essential information regarding the materials of inventory. User would be able to either issue or receive materials and also generate instant reports. This module helps to maintain paperless procedure and saves time. Real time tracking of inventory movement at different stages helps in better inventory tracking.

Our Inventory module helps in Supply chain management by optimizing order fulfilment and reduced operational cost. Detailed reports on various essential areas of inventory management offers visibility into critical inventory levels.

Detailed Reports:
  • Inventory status
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Trading and Non Trading Goods.
  • High Movement and Slow Movement.
  • Age of Inventory
  • Stock Quality
  • Saleable, Sample, Free properties of items.
  • Materials in transit and well as reconciliation of inventory
  • Auditing and Physical Verification of Inventory

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