Property Control

Amanrow Property management module is an accurate and adaptable property management module that helps your organisation to manage & coordinate the key processes to improve productivity across the entire organization.
Amanrow Property Management Module provides a complete platform that enables owners, investors and managers to access information specific to their needs. This module is a fully integrated solution with the inventory module, financial module and payroll module to provide collective information on a single platform. Amanrow Property Management module makes an innovative technology partner for organisations that seek an efficient system with the following benefits:

  • Vast experience in implementing major projects in the domain.
  • Solution that offers all-inclusive functionality customised specifically to this property management.
  • A skilled support team with considerable knowledge in this specific sector.
  • Extensive experience in interfacing with legacy systems seamlessly.
Our Property management module
comprises of the following sub modules
  • Property register
  • Property Insurance
  • Property & Lease Agreement template
  • Tenant management
  • Payment, advances and penalties
  • Asset management
  • Meter readings & Utility Bills
  • Agreement Register
  • Maintenance register

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